“LTC scripts has serviced KVCCF for over 3 years. As our primary pharmacy, our residents as well a our nursing staff, are satisfied with the valuable customer service they are able to provide in assisting us to meet the needs of our residents. Their staff is knowledgeable and courteous and readily available to meet our needs.”
Nurse Manager

Lorraine Davis RNC

“It’s hard finding a good, reliable pharmacy. With LTC Scripts I never have to worry about our residents medications not being delivered or exceptional customer service being given to us. Mickey and his team go above and beyond to ensure our company and residents are taken care of. LTC Scripts has been there through our growth as a company and is like family to us. I couldn’t imagine using any other pharmacy for our needs.”
Operations Director

Kari Privet

Approximately one year ago we formally switched to LTC Scripts pharmacy from a larger national provider and have never looked back. Our costs have been reduced by approximately 40%; customer service has improved drastically; internal processes and protocols have improved tremendously. I highly recommend LTC Scripts and would be delighted to speak to anyone further, if you have any questions regarding their operations and approach please reach out to me anytime.

Robert C Parkinson

LTC Scripts is reliable and prompt to respond to new orders. All of their staff is highly experienced and pays attention two small details. Communication is at the center of our relationship with LTC Scripts. All of our phone calls are picked up by their staff immediately and not a machine ; all our emails and voice mails are responded to within minutes; the staff is never too busy for us, always going the extra mile to address any family or facility concerns. Medications are always delivered on time with Professional service. The Pharmacy Staff is more than willing to contact doctors or families as many times as needed and response from both have been positive. LTC Scripts has made a significant positive impact on the day-to-day for the nursing department. We are happy to have their service and I would highly recommend them.

Mary Ruela, RN, DON.